Security system now car won't start

Accidentally set security system off, put key in ignition & started, then turned off, pulled key out, then got alarm to shut off, BUT NOW CAR ILL NOT START AT ALL! ugH

If it is a factory (OEM)security system. Go to passenger door and lock/unlock 2 times to clear/reset fact security system.

Silly jeeps,had one like that also,If you have a remote key fob,lock and unlock with that,if not try locking and unlocking the drivers door with the key. Only thought I've got.

hi yes the alarm will be set in a set order any variation to that set of rules will either set the alarm off or immobilise the the start system sort your alarm out check the fuses and for loose wiring before going into any big details yates210456

Sure the door lock is bad maybe. with the fuses in and the doors clsed try the other locks some jeeps only reset with the hatch lock as all the others are worn out or don't detect tha t the door is closed

The car will not start. If you have the keylat you are using to lock it is whess entry button and that is what you are usnig to set the alarm then you have to use that to disarm the system. Using the key will set it off

Disconnect the negative battery cable for five minutes, reconnect and see if the system resets.

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