Security system delays starting of car. Is there any way to disconnect security system?

It starts with the security light and then gets worse till the car won't start anymore. The security system (VATS/Passkey) installed on these GM cars is anti-owner more than an anti-theft. There are 3 parts involved:

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I am driving a 1993 Chrysler LeBaron 3,0 Litres, 5speed manual, and since a few days following happens: I cannot switch the wipers off, they run in low interval mode permanently, in addition to this problem I saw, that as soon as I press the light button, the wipers run a few times in addition to the permanent and not go off problem. About since this time, the reverse driving lights do not work anymore. The same is with the AC switch: and as soon as I press this blue button, the wipers go on AND the left green arrow is displayed permanently for a few minutes and the left main light goes yellow, like as there is not enough voltage for it anymore (some shortcut maybe). I checked all wires in the engine compartment, but didn't see any burnt or melted wire. All fueses and relays are replaced and I tried with another ECM from my other same car, no solution so far. Can anybody help me, I don't know, what to check, could it be a problem with the BCM?