2001 grand Vitara Security system

I have a 2001 Grand Vitara and only one remote, the remote is dying and I cant find the batteries. I can not get into the care without using the remote bc of the alarm system. If i get the entire alarm system changed to an aftermarket brand is that going to work? Or will the car not start. I just need another remote and a battery but the price i could get for the one remote 90 dollar and is about the same as a brand new security system and 2 remotes and installation for 119. I do not know what to do can anyone help me???

G8D711S is not alarm system. This is Daytime Running Light module. You can pull out the connector, your front lights won't work when an engine start.

My GV 2002 has a Autostart AS1203 alarm system. There is a description on Internet.

you have to have a memorie saver, plugs into the cigiret lighter spot. then your safe to change out batt without worrie

There is no way of changing 2 press into 1 press. For unlocking all doors - press the remote 2 times.

So you are saying you would replace the alarm system just because you cant find a battery?? thats foolish search online for the battery...there are many interchange numbers so it doesnt have to be a certain brand.

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