2001 Chevy Impala Security System

My 2001 Impala does not start and the security light comes on even though we are using the correct key. Is there any way we can disable the security system wiring so we do not have to get a new ignition cylinder and where can I get the wiring diagrams on the internet so I do not have to purchase a repair manual?

I have a 2001 Impala. My security light will flash and sometimes the car won't start. My dad told me turn the key to the start position, place your foot on the break, put your car in the last gear it was in (D, R, or N). Then shift all the way back into park. Make sure you shift all the way into park. Take your foot off the break. Then turn ignition back to off. Your car should then start right up. He said the sensor still thinks the car is in D, R, or N although it's in park. So it confuses the system and it doesn't start because it doesn't know which function to do. It pretty much locks up. I'm pos. this will work. My car does it every few months. Hope this helps.

I had the exact same problem for 4 long years but I did find the solution so it will NEVER happen again. Put shifter in neutral, get out, push vehicle 10 feet forward, That's it! Oh...make sure you are at the edge of a 100 foot, or more, cliff. I swear to you, you will never have this problem again with this vehicle. GM should have recalled this years ago but does that surprise anyone?

Mine did the same thing and what i had to do was go in through the settings area of the radio and choose the "RESET FOB" selection tried it and it worked perfectly...hope this helps

I had this problem for years on my `01 Impala, the car was at the dealers more than home. The problem is with the pass lock security system, you take out the key and when you put it back the security system says the wroung key. What I did was to take the key off the key ring with clicker on chain and leave the key in ignition. This has solved my problem for 6 or 7 months now. You use your clicker to lock and unlock your doors and never remove the key. Yes some one might steal it but, as I told my wife, we have insurance and would be better off if it was stolen.

Try clicking the LOCK button on the key fob THREE times, letting the car sit for a minute or two then UNLOCK and try to start.

I am a gm tech, i have been working for gm for 19 years. trust me, you need to replace your ignition cylinder, this will include the "passlock" sensor. you can replace it while the car is running. if you pull off the black cover around the igniton cylinder with a small pick, you then can push a release tab to remove the cyinder while its running. if you do it this way the vehicle will relearn the new pass code. if not you will have to have it programmed. also when you buy it the cylinder, you will need to get it at a gm dealership, you will also have to have the new cylinder coded to your key. good luck!

I am a prior Law Enforcement Officer and I had a 2003 impala for a police cruiser and I had the exact same problem. I will tell you what worked for me and you are not going to believe it but it did work. The next time you notice the problem, look over and see if you left the AC switch on. If it is on turn it off and then try to restart it. I dont know what it is but when my cruiser did it all you had to do was turn off the AC and it would start EVERY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope this helps.

Some customers may comment on an engine that will not crank. Others may comment
on the security light being on. Technicians may find DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes)
B2958 and/or B2960.
The following are the likely causes of these conditions:

They sell a passlock bypass that is relatively easy to install....about 4 wires that will stop that problem. My 2001 Impala has been ok since I installed this bypass.

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