My solenoid on my 2002 honda rancher makes a clicking noise when i try to use the electric start is the solenoid going bad or is it bad

removed engine cover - found starter was hung up, this seems to have fixed the problem it starts and runs fine now.

Check the battery terminal connections for cleanliness and that they are free of corrosion. If the contact is corroded, this is what the clicking would be from.
The battery could be charged, but if the connection is dirty, the power won't be able to engage the solenoid properly.
Hope this helps.

all I had to do on a sable was to replace the belt but look at the battery there should be a wire coming from the battery going to another solenoid mounted under the hood and then going down to the starter get a 12 volt tester and see if you have power going to this solenoid cause it could be dead on one end and not going down to the starter

If lights and radio worked, LOW load off the battery is OK, but trying to start (400Amp draw) isn't. My bet is that your Battery connectors are loose. Dump a COKE slowly on eaxh to rremove all the Green crystalline stuff (do it slowwwwww) then remove (Negative (-) side first) and clean up the insides with a piece of sandpaper. Put them back on (Positive (+) first) and tighten good (these are typically LEAD, so easy to ruin)
Try again!

That clicking noise is an indicator that the battery is not fully charged. If the battery will no longer take a charge it needs to be replaced. Motorcycle batteries normally last two years. How old is your battery?

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