I recently installed a battery in my 1989 trail boss 250 2x4 and wired a winch in and now every once and awhile it bogs down goes to a ruff idle and no rev i need help i retraced all the wiring and cant find a problem and it doesnt do it all the time i am wondering if it could be the stater or rev limiter

adjust the handle underneath , also check to see if the dipstick is showing any oil in the tranny(yellow ring). mine fell out and all the bearings wore out on me after a week of not noticing it. $100 in bearings and seals but a real pain in the *** to seperate two halves of tranny without the urge to screwdriver it.but when the bearings wore out it wouldn't go in reverse and shifting way ahead to get it in drive .

Coil turns lef coil it to the Rit good luk

go to www.alaskapowersports.com and there should be on the tabs polaris oem and its like the program the polaris dealerships use and if u like you can order it from there (no download needed)

go to www.bikebandit.com and click for oem parts than go to polaris and year etc.. they have exploded diagramsof the machines from front end to electric system good luck

Run the fault codes

possible tat the winch is wired in correctly and is not allowing the alternator to fully charge the electronic system

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