My Polaris 400 xplorer , when I try to start it I push the starter the whole machine moves forward and it feels like the front wheel 4 drive is stuck in the enguage position?

follow you positive cable until you find it

battery suspect or bad connections or cables to the battery or starter

have a load test done on the battery

You have a faulty switch, or it has corrosion in it, moving the switch through it's full travel rapidly for a while to clean the inner contacts may cure the problem, or try disconnecting the switch.

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if it has a oil light on and the oil reservoir is empty , the it would be reasonable assumption that unless there is oil available to mix with the fuel , it will not be allowed to start

It is a 2 stroke that has a metered amount of oil that varies according to engine rpms and is not a pre-mix situation that you have assumed it to be

so fill the oil tank with the correct 2 stroke oil, remove the oil mix fuel and save it for a whipper snipper or other small engine , fill the tank with the correct fuel and it will most likely start

It seems that the clutch is not disengaging may need a adjustment unless it is hydro drive then I am stumped.

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