My 2007 polaris sportsman 450 will start. you can give it full power as soon as it peaks it dies. what could it be?

I just put on a new carb

1999 polaris 500 sportsman, changed battery and now front lights will not come on. Suggestions?

My 2005 700 efi is doing the same thing. So far I have found that the engine and exhaust get so hot that the fuel starts to boil and causes the fuel pump to vapor lock. I taped up the tank with some reflective tape/insulator stuff and now I'm trying to figure out why its running so hot.(The exhaust manifold glows red hot) I've cleaned the radiator and flushed the system. I just need to check the water pump and thermostat. Any other suggestions?

I had this problem on a 05 polaris sportsman 700 carb... I dissasembled the carb. cleaned it all out... It actually was fine. It turned out the torque of the motor broke the hard rubber intake that connects the airbox to the motor... This part is $60 and takes 2 bolts to change! [email protected]

Check the cam shaft. The exhaust lob is the weak spot. They will wear down to nothing.

We found the problem. The wire that is shorting out is on the right side down by the front axle shaft by the gearcase. The spinning of the axle has wore through the coating on the wire and was direct shorting it. Hope this is your problem also.

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