Missing oil I am not kidding - just had my 2002 Pathfinder in for service due to a failed inspection and service engine light ended up putting what was called valve assy-cont and valve assy-vacu on the vehicle milage was at 90,774 miles - and I should have had an oil change at that time but didn't even think about it - 1 week later the service light comes back on. Now just 3 months ago I took it in for service oil change, exhaust kit.. @86,317 miles. I have made an appt. to do oil change tommorrow 6/7/08 -- but in the meantime it dawns on me to check my oil and whoa there is no oil. So.... here is my question: How does a vehicle run out of oil in 3 months and 4,457 miles of use????????? By the way there is no leak